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Sergey Weinstein

Brooklyn, NY
  • Sergey Weinstein in the photo 1

While running on the beach, I had stepped into a hole in the sand which resulted in a torn ACL. I lead a very active life rock climbing, biking and playing volleyball, so this was devastating news. This was also the second time I had torn my ACL on this leg (3rd overall), so I while I knew that this injury can pose a difficult recovery, I had an amazing experience with Dr. MacGillivray who repaired my ACL injury the first time on this leg. As soon as I returned to his office for my examination, I knew I was getting the best care in the world and would recover quickly. True enough, the day after surgery I felt comfortable enough putting weight on the leg. A week after surgery I was able to walk with minimal need for crutches. As of writing this, I'm about 3.5 months in my recovery and feel amazing. I'm even able to play volleyball as pictured. This recovery was extremely quick, and the progress had me in a positive mood the whole way. I'm extremely thankful to Dr. MacGillivray and his staff for their hard work and amazing outcome!