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Sean Langford

New York, NY
  • Sean Langford in the photo 1

I'm a 29 year old dancer with MOMIX, a company of dancer-illusionists that combines acrobatics, dance, gymnastics, mime, props, and film in a theatrical setting. During rehearsal for their latest show, ALICE, I sustained a concussion. My physical therapist Robert Turner recommended I see Dr. Teena Shetty right away, being that it was my fourth concussion. Dr. Shetty's treatment was expertly crafted to manage my symptoms and get me back dancing as quickly as possible. Through the kindness and attention to detail of Dr. Shetty and Meghan Lamothe, I was able to quickly progress through my concussion protocol. I had no clue you could take such a proactive approach to recovery! Back in rehearsal now, I still do my vestibular exercises so I can keep honing my balance skills: paramount to the success of a professional dancer. I'm eternally grateful to my whole care team at HSS.