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Sean Kelly

Greenlawn, NY
  • Sean Kelly in the photo 1

My doctor is Dr. Andrew Pearle. He was referred to me by a friend of mine who also had partial knee replacement done. Dr. Pearle was extremely patient and informative throughout the entire process of my exam, test, etc. in determining the best course of action for me. I was very comfortable with Dr. Pearle from the beginning, I had every confidence that he was the doctor for me. Dr. Pearle and his entire staff, including the girls in the office, the hospital staff, all the nurses and everyone, from the greeters at the hospital to the staff who brought me down to my wife once I was ready to be discharged were magnificent. I am not the type of person to write about my experiences, however, this time I felt as though I really needed to.

The entire process was so easy and done so timely it was effortless. Dr. Pearle's team and the staff at HSS is fantastic. From setting up appointments to being admitted to the surgery itself, recovery everything was a fantastic experience. I truly can say everything was perfect. Dr. Pearle returned my phone call personally the evening after I came home from the hospital and saw me the next day in his Westchester office because I was bleeding a bit more than I was comfortable with. The doctor and his NP Jenelle saw me, rewrapped my knee and set my mind at ease. Dr. Pearle and Jenelle expressed to me that the first 2 weeks were going to be "HELL", but to trust him, that around the 3 month mark I would be doing great!! I was a delayed with my at home PT because they didn't want me doing anything for a few days as not to aggravate my incision. My at home PT was magnificent as well. She was so caring and patient and highly educated and truly interested and concerned with my treatment and making sure I was successful and ready to move on to PT out of the home.

I was referred to Ivy Physical Therapy in Northport, NY; I was nervous to start PT. When I started PT I thought about what Dr. Pearle had said - 3 months and I was going to be very happy. I didn't think so, but I figured I am going to do what he told me and hope for the best. The first person I worked with at Ivy PT was Shanice. She is awesome. This young lady was so informative and patient I immediately felt so comfortable being there. Shanice took her time with me and explained every detail as to what I should expect with my PT. I told Shanice I wanted to come to PT 5 times a week. She called the doctor and got the ok and I was off. The first 2 weeks I went 5 days a week (depending on insurance you have a certain number of visits they don't care how you use them) then I went down to 3 times a week then 2 times then done. In that time I also met Sue and all the amazing people who work at Ivy. I can never thank all of them enough for helping me reach my goal. I will always highly recommend Ivy PT to everyone and anyone who asks. They are all so patient and truly care for their patients.

On June 3 I finished my PT with flying colors. I rang the bell! I feel fantastic and I know I owe it to Dr. Pearle, Jenelle, Sue, Shanice and the entire staff at Ivy. On July 1 I have my 3-month checkup with Dr. Pearle and I already know he will tell me I can finally resume playing racquetball. The doctor was right I feel amazing. I am so happy with my results. Sue at Ivy told me "the people who do the PT the way we tell them and come to the scheduled appointments are the ones with the best results". I am that person. Again, I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I met at Ivy and for all of their help in my recovery. When the time comes for me to have my other knee done I will not hesitate to go directly back to Dr. Pearle and Ivy Physical Therapy. Thank you all again for helping me get back to a life without pain in my knee. Sometimes when I'm walking all of the sudden I realize "Wow! I'm actually walking WITHOUT any pain in my knee. It's truly amazing. Thank you all.