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Seamus McMahon

Park City, UT
  • Seamus McMahon in the photo 1

At 59 I had completed an Ironman, the Boston Marathon, many other marathons and triathlons, heli skied, snowboarded and kite surfed all over the world. HSS had repaired a broken wrist and both knees (shout out to Dr. Riley Williams on the knees!). Odd pain in my groin and glutes progressed rapidly as I turned 59. An x-ray showed near bone-on-bone osteoarthritis in both hips. The pain at the end was enough to make walking almost unbearable. My cousin had seen Dr. Su ten years previously for the same condition and had dual resurfacing and had returned to skiing, tennis, etc. My goals were frankly higher: I still wanted to compete at a high level in various sports. Dr. Su confirmed I was a good candidate for resurfacing and I confirmed that he was, by far, the leading surgeon in the U.S. for this procedure.

I had bilateral resurfacing done in August of 2018. I left the hospital 36 hours later, using crutches (solely to appease the nurses and orderlies). There was some pain, nothing awful. Each day I walked, initially with a cane, a little further, and after 10 days I was up to 2-3 miles, no cane. I had my post-op visit with Dr. Su on day 11 and was totally comfortable walking around Manhattan, subways included. I skied and snowboarded that winter and began running again the following Spring. I can say that my hips literally never hold me back, thanks to Dr. Su, his staff, and HSS, I'm Back in the Game.