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Scott Shirey

Jersey City, NJ
  • Scott Shirey in the photo 1

I had an accident while skiing and the damage to my left knee was a full tear of my ACL, partial tear of my MCL and small tearing of my meniscus. Dr. Nawabi's office staff were able to squeeze me into his schedule within a week of the injury to get x-rays and an MRI. Without even looking at the MRI, Dr. Nawabi was able to assess the damage to my knee just from my movements and my description of the pain. The MRI was purely confirmation of the initial assessment. After that, we scheduled my surgery and set up pre-surgery PT, which was a very smooth process. The surgery went extremely well, all of the check-in procedures were easy, all of my insurance payments were taken care of, and the anesthesiologist and rest of the team had the best bedside manners. Fast forward to 7 weeks out for my check in, I had been having pain near my MCL during all of my scheduled PT so Dr. Nawabi immediately sent me for an MRI. The outcome was that my femur was rejecting a plastic button used to anchor the MCL graft. A second surgery took place within a week of the MRI to remove the button and literally 3 days post surgery the pain was gone from my knee, I spent the following months adjusting my lifestyle to focus on my PT and getting healthier. As I'm writing this, I am 9 months out from my first surgery and officially released with a knee and leg that is stronger than when the accident occurred. I believe that the care that I was given by Dr. Nawabi and his team is second to none and I highly recommended them to family and friends.