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Saylor Kirsch

Greenwich, CT
  • Saylor Kirsch in the photo 1

After two years of knee pain, three doctors and the same amount of PT regularly, we came to HSS because we knew we were not getting to the root of the problem and they would find out what it really was.

It turned out it was really impingements and several tears in the hips that had caused that original knee pain. After three months of PT to prove the theory, Dr. Kelly recommended two consecutive hip surgeries to shave down the impingements and fix all the tears.

Not only can Saylor stand, walk, shop and exercise, all of which were problems for years, after 2.5 years she returned to her sport of diving and attended nationals in California last week. We cannot thank HSS enough for finally finding the cause of her pain, and Dr. Bryan Kelly for so carefully planning her surgeries and recovery with close attention and communication with PT.