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Sarina Chitkara

New York, NY
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After the final point of my volleyball game, my friend asked me what was wrong with my hand and I quickly realized that one of my fingers was very bent, to say the least. I did not think much of it and simply thought I would be back to playing volleyball within a week or two.

To my dismay, I had a spiral fracture in my right small finger which meant no volleyball, surgery, and months of rehabilitation. After my injury, I got an appointment within 24 hours and was scheduled for surgery within a week. My experience at HSS was truly remarkable. Injuring my dominant hand during finals week was less than ideal, however Dr. Trehan always wrote notes to my teachers and gave me lots of advice! He also answered all my mom’s phone calls and the many questions that she had! I was taken care of so well and every person I spoke to made me their top priority. Thanks to Dr. Trehan, I now have a fully functioning hand!

I also loved going to physical therapy with Caroline, even at eight in the morning! She helped my finger’s flexibility and movement so that I can do all the things I could do before my injury such as write, play sports, and grip a steering wheel. She never failed to make me laugh and I loved talking to her about our favorite TV shows and movies! Each week she would congratulate me on how many more degree’s straighter my finger was and would always make me new hand braces or come up with exercises to straighten my stubborn finger.

Going to HSS each week was such a positive experience. It taught me to be thankful for what I have and gave me a new outlook on life. I am forever grateful for the care of Dr. Trehan and Caroline.