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Sarah Weingarten

Easton, CT

On September 1, 2023, I took a bad fall while I was bouldering at a local rock climbing gym. I dislocated my left ankle and fractured my right ankle in three places. I was immediately brought to my local emergency room. The dislocation was reduced, and they did emergency surgery on my right ankle. At that point, I was told I would need a more permanent surgery on my right ankle. Ironically, I work as a physical therapist, so I know about HSS' stellar reputation. A friend of mine suggested Dr. Helfet as a surgeon because he operated on her complex ankle fracture in 2020 and she had amazing results. I work on my feet, and I'm an avid horseback rider and rock climber, so I had some pretty big goals!

Dr. Helfet performed an ORIF on my right ankle in mid-September, and helped guide me through the rehabilitation of my left ankle. He and his staff are extremely detail oriented and careful. Not only did Dr. Helfet do an amazing job on my surgery, they were there at every step along the way to answer questions and allay any concerns. With three plates in my right ankle, I'm back to doing the things I love! I still have some stiffness in my right ankle (I'm only 5 months post-op), but I'm back to work, riding, and climbing at the same level I was before my accident. I could not be happier with my results and would highly recommend HSS!