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Sarah Kirsch

Stony Brook, NY
  • Sarah Kirsch in the photo 1

I'm a distance runner and have been running all my life. I love to run! I had to take two years off from running due to illness. Upon returning to the sport I loved, I was suffering from terrible bilateral hip pain during each run. For two years I was going to physical therapy and my orthopedist trying to figure out what was causing my pain. Finally, I found PT Julie Khan at HSS. She performed a very extensive gait analysis for me last winter and found that extreme weakness in both my hips was causing them to collapse inward on each step and this was the cause of my pain. She assigned me band exercises to perform at home on a regular basis. After several months of doing the exercises consistently my hip pain is essentially gone and I'm running pain free! I've been training for the 2016 NYC Marathon all summer and I'm so thrilled to be running without pain! I can't wait to run the NYC Marathon on November 6th. I am going to keep doing the exercises Julie Khan assigned to me every week because I don't want the problem to ever again return.

Thank you so much Julie Khan and HSS for all the help!!!