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Sarah Kelly

Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
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I had been suffering with pain from Osgood-Schlatter Disease in both of my knees for a couple of years before coming to Dr. MacGillivray. After resting off and on for a couple months, Dr. MacGillivray suggested that surgery may be the only option to truly get rid of the pain. Although the surgery is quite uncommon for this knee problem, my pain had only been getting worse as my patellar tendons were beginning to tear, so I chose to go through with the surgery. On April 22nd, 2014, I went for bilateral knee surgery to shave down the growths in my knees. It turns out that my growth had shattered off the bone and without the surgery I never would have gotten better. After a couple months of rehab I was able to get back to playing soccer again and got recruited to play soccer at a college in Massachusetts. Since then, I have been a starting defender and this past December of 2017 we won the National Championship for our division. I am so grateful to Dr. MacGillivray for fixing my knees and now I never have to worry about being in too much pain to play.