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Sara l

West Hartford, CT
  • Sara l in the photo 1

My name is Sara and I had a congenital knee condition which caused my patellas to dislocate throughout my childhood and into adulthood, and as a result caused my knees to 'knock' and affected my life in many ways including holding me back from doing many of the things I would have liked to do like being active.

I chose to undergo the surgery Dr. Rozbruch recommended because I came to the realization that my condition would only get worse and when I age I would probably be even less able to control my patellas and prevent falling or injuring myself. Also, I was really missing out on life and all that it has to offer, the things I had dreamed of doing as a child I was not able to do because of my knee condition.

It has been about a year since my first surgery and 6 months since my second and my life has completely transformed. I am able to wear the clothing I like, walk with confidence, work out, travel, and work a physically challenging job. The process wasn't easy to go through, but now I have my whole life ahead of me and I can do all of the things that I always dreamed of doing.

I would absolutely hope that anyone out there going through anything similar to what I went through would consider whatever options they have to pursue seeking out the help of Dr Rozbruch or whoever specializes in your condition. I went into my consultation appointment with the attitude that it was something I was never actually going to do, that I was just seeing what he had to say, and I left that same day with a completely different outlook and decided that it really was the best thing for me, and I am so glad that I did and that I didn't wait any longer. Dr. Rozbruch essentially saved my life and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you for reading :-)