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Sara Hetzel

Levittown, NY
  • Sara Hetzel in the photo 1
  • Sara Hetzel in the photo 2

Tibial and femoral torsion corrective surgery

The journey we just completed with Sara and her 2 surgeries on her legs was a long and scary one for us. With that being said, Dr. Dodwell helped us through it every step of the way.

From the age of 3, Sara had been complaining of leg pain and telling us her legs were tired and hurting all the time. We have seen many specialists and no one ever could give us an answer to help her. Sara had to have knee surgery because her femur broke her kneecap. After the surgery, her doctor had both legs scanned and saw the issue that was causing all her pain. We were referred to another doctor because he never had a patient with this condition. We went to see an orthopedic specialist and they could not give us any answers or guidance to help our child. That is when we learned about HSS and that was our next visit.

The first meeting with Dr. Dodwell both my husband and I felt like we finally were at the right place with doctors that had the knowledge and a doctor that was going to help her for the first time. I know it was a tough decision to make to perform surgery on both legs, but to see Sara now it's amazing. To have your 12 year old look at you and say thank you for taking her to you because she never knew what it was like not to be in pain everyday says it all!

Thank you so much for the amazing care and support we were given during her 2 surgeries. Sara is back at training for softball season and she just performed in her school play.