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Sara D.

New York, NY
  • Sara D. in the photo 1

Monday: I was running around my apartment, literally, when I planted my foot and suddenly turned a corner. Ouch! My knee!

Tuesday: Unable to put weight on it, I hobbled on crutches to a doctor, who won an award for “Sports Medicine Physician of the Year.” I was confident that I found the right doctor. However, after five minutes of manipulating my knee, he asked me to come into in office and announced, “You need surgery. I have an opening on Friday.”

I thought to myself, “This is a nightmare! I have dinner plans on Friday and will be going to France in a few months.”

Wednesday: My husband said I needed a second opinion, so I began the search for a doctor I could trust. Fate or Karma or Lady Luck must have smiled on me, because I stumbled upon Dr. DiFelice’s video:

@1:20 http://www.hss.edu/physicians_difelice-gregory.asp#.VPyKakIeW5Q .

Here was a doctor who didn’t jump into surgery…who believed that the body could heal itself.

Dr. DiFelice suggested a “wait and see” period. So, I waited…and waited…and waited, until one day I realized that I hadn’t even thought about my knee for days.

Then, my husband knew we didn’t need to cancel our trip to Provence.

Four months later, I was biking in Ménerbes!

I will always be in Dr. DiFelice’s debt, for having such a “healing” philosophy: Surgery is not the first option.

PS I had a video of me biking, pretending I was in the Tour de France, but it was on my husband's phone. Alas, now lost.