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Sandy Hayes

Freehold, NJ
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At age 16 while trying to beat another player to the soccer ball, I twisted my knee and fell down. After being wrongly diagnosed by a local doctor in New Jersey, I saw Dr. Westrich in the HSS in NY and learned that I tore my ACL. Dr. Westrich was kind, compassionate, and thoroughly explained my options. He did a wonderful job and the scars are barely noticeable. I am telling my story because all of this happened 18 years ago. Often when you hurt yourself, you question how long will this surgery fix my issues? Will I go back to a normal lifestyle? Will I always be scared of reinjuring myself? For me, Dr. Westrich’s work has lasted longer than the original ACL I was born with. He gave me my life back without any restrictions. He was a wonderful doctor and I always recommend my friends to this hospital.