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Sandra Orcutt

Somers, NY
  • Sandra Orcutt in the photo 1

Dr. Jason Blevins and Hospital for Special Surgery transformed my life from one of pain and limping to one of joyous movement.

Before my total hip replacement surgery, household tasks or a simple visit to the grocery store was agonizing and laborious. Now I can sleep without pain and look forward to enjoying life. I can take long walks in the beautiful spring. Using my home gym is now a pleasure. Some day, when the world is no longer in a pandemic, I'll be able to run and play with my grandchildren.

Every day, I'm thankful for Dr. Blevins' expertise, knowledge, and use of the state of the art technology at Hospital for Special Surgery. Since I have scoliosis and already had a difference in leg lengths before the surgery, I was concerned what the outcome would be after the hip replacement.Now, I don't feel any difference in the length of my legs. I feel better than ever!

I'm so happy I put my trust into the caring, compassionate hands of Dr. Blevins.