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Sandra Karis

Hillsborough, NJ
  • Sandra Karis in the photo 1

In 1997 in Princeton, NJ, I had three back surgeries within three months, culminating in a spinal fusion. I spent nine-long years of experiencing pain all day everyday and having doctors tell me these surgeries were considered "failed surgeries." On May 1st, 2006, my 61st birthday, my husband and I met with Dr. Cammisa, the best of the best, at HSS! Dr. Cammisa revisited my former fusion, took out all the stainless steal in my spine and replaced it with titanium while fusing L3 along with L4 and L5. I have been pain-free since that surgery and I always have a smile on my face because Dr. Cammisa, along with the wonderful staff at HSS, gave me back my life. I am able to travel, dance, sit at a concert/theatre/film event without having any pain at all. I am now about to turn 71 and keep Dr. Cammisa and HSS in my prayers each day.

In 2009 at age 64, I returned to HSS to see Dr. Edwin P. Su to get my right hip replaced due to necrosis. After spending a few days at HSS after the surgery, I went directly home. I had a visiting nurse and a visiting therapist come to my home but never had to go to rehab or out-patient therapy. I saw Dr. Su for my one-month check-up and as I walked up and down the corridor in his office, he said I was so ahead of the recovery schedule. After two weeks doing exercise at home, I was on my own, walking with a cane for a short time and then "good as new." I can't imagine what I would be like if not for these wonderful doctors at HSS.

In 2010, I saw Dr. Gregory E. Lutz who repaired my left shoulder tear and splintering of the bone. Once again, it took no time before I was feeling my old self once again. I can't say enough good things about HSS and all the doctors and staff I met.

I will be 71 on May 1, 2016, exactly 10 years to the day when I first stepped into HSS for the first time and shook hands with Dr. Cammisa. These informed, talented doctors, assistants, nurses and staff will always be remembered with the deepest gratitude and affection for their part in giving me back the wonderful quality of life that I enjoy each and every day.