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Sandra Harper

Cleveland, OH
  • Sandra Harper in the photo 1
  • Sandra Harper in the photo 2

As a growing young competitive figure skater, I started having serious hip pain. I was 12 at the time. I grew 3 inches in the space of 2 months that summer. With the constant torque and pressure of doing my double jumps and my tendon and muscle strength not keeping up I apparently had a slight tear of the labrum. It was also apparent after tests that I also had a slight impingement. After careful analysis it was determined not to operate but to curtail the jumping but still skate. It was thought best that I get therapy and start a physical training regime to strengthen my core and hip area. I took a good 3 months off from jumping seriously. Last April 2014 I began my jumps in earnest. I have all my doubles back strong. I am now working on my triples. The good things out of this are I have developed a good routine of warming up and conditioning.