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Samuel Chapin

New York, NY
  • Samuel Chapin in the photo 1

I am Organist/Choir Director at Union Church in Pocantico Hills, NY. Several years ago, I noticed a raised, toughened spot in my left palm and concluded it was a callous resulting from my holding bike handle bars. Within a couple of years the toughened spot developed into a Dupuytren's Contracture, which both pulled down (contracted) my ring finger and at the same time drew the pinky toward it, sharply reducing my ability to stretch my hand and raise the two fingers, both of which are vital to clean keyboard playing. After visiting two surgeons who suggested dramatically different surgical approaches, I had the presence of mind to check out HSS and learned that Dr. Scott Wolfe had successfully treated another pianist for the same condition. I also learned that in recent years a new, non-surgical treatment using Xiaflex had been developed and approved for some Dupuytren's Contracture patients. Fortunately, I was a candidate for that treatment. Dr. Wolfe treated me successfully with Xiaflex, and I was able to be fully functional at the keyboard within 48 hours of the treatment, avoiding the 2-month recovery process which would have been required with surgery. Thank you Dr. Wolfe!