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Sami Huovilainen

New York, NY
  • Sami Huovilainen in the photo 1

Two data points make a trend, some say. In my case, I have two data points to claim that a hip replacement operation cannot be a better and more successful experience than what Dr. Vigdorchik and his team provided to me. Caused by a combination of an impingement and a heavy load of sports ranging from ice hockey to soccer, running, and skiing, it became clear that I needed hip replacements to maintain an active lifestyle. I met with a few doctors over the course of the past eight years which helped me decide between resurfacing versus a replacement. At no point did I feel pressured to have surgery quickly, on the contrary, after my first visit to HSS (2014) we decided to push out the operation by adjusting my menu of sports and augmenting it with strength training.

I had my left hip replaced in June 2023 and the right one in March 2024. In both cases, I was back home in about 7 hours after the operation and already starting the recovery routine. Dr, Vigdorchik and his team operated seamlessly, and the entire staff was extremely knowledgeable and professional. While the operations were run like an efficient “production line”, there was a clear emphasis on the patient’s experience, and all involved were super friendly and focused on making the surgery as smooth as it could be.

I did post-operation PT in both cases at HSS (Emily Weiss), which I believe drastically expedited the recovery. Within only a week I was able to walk outdoors comfortably. Last year, after 4-5 months, I was “cleared” for pretty much all sports activities with the left hip, and the great result made me have the right one done as soon as I could (last week, after the ski season ended).

I would recommend HSS and Dr. Vigdorchik to anyone in need of advice or an operation on their hip. I’d give 10/10 rating and special thanks to the whole practice, led by Lisa Pugliese.