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Samantha Meier

Manalapan, NJ
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I have been playing basketball most of my life. As a freshman in high school I played varsity basketball and varsity lacrosse. During my freshman year my right shoulder began to hurt. By my sophomore year it was much worse. During this year I saw a total of 4 different doctors and had many tests. There was no rotor cuff or labrum tear no one could explain the pain. I was in physical therapy for 6 months, which did not help. I was then told to stop all sports for one year. I gathered all my records any made an appointment to see Dr. Stephen O'Brien. After the initial examination, he knew exactly what was wrong. My bicep was getting caught in my shoulder and I would need to have my bicep cut and have it anchored in a different location. This sounded crazy and drastic, but Dr O'Brien was convinced this was the only way if I wanted to continue playing basketball. I had the surgery the summer before my junior year. The surgery was a complete success. I was back playing ball after three months. I am currently playing Division 1 basketball in college thanks to Dr O'Brien.