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Sam Greg Kruski

West Palm Beach, FL

I had a total left hip replacement performed at HSS by Dr. Robert Buly. HSS is absolutely the best hospital that I have ever been admitted to. The administrative staff, the medical staff and the facilities staff are the finest that I have ever encountered. They made me feel totally comfortable and confident from the time that I was admitted to my discharge. The pre-admission class left no questions in my mind as to what I could expect prior, during and after the operation. Excellent!

Dr. Buly is truly an outstanding surgeon. Prior to the operation, I virtually had no hip joint left and could barely walk. After the operation I was walking pain free without a cane in one week, driving and back to work in five weeks. I have not felt this good in two years! I credit this success to the excellent care that I received at HSS and to Dr. Buly. I have since recommend HSS and Dr. Buly to many people here in Florida who need orthopaedic surgery. I tell them it is worth the trip!