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Salvatore Raffelo

New York, NY
  • Salvatore Raffelo in the photo 1

What brought me to HSS was a distal biceps tear at the elbow. It happened in February 2022, a month before cycling season was about to kick off. It was a real let down to discover I would need surgery to repair my bicep. I would have to sit out most of the 2022 race season if not all of it. But not left with many good alternatives I moved ahead and scheduled surgery with Dr. Edward Athanasian. I honestly could not have been in better care. The surgery went smoothly and I was sent home with a hard cast for 6 weeks. Post-surgery care was also a pleasant experience. Dr. Athanasian and all of the HSS staff are wonderful humans working at the top of their field. I made a full recovery in their care in 5-6 months time. I even managed to get a few late season races in. Snagging a 4th place finish.

Thank you Dr. Athanasian and all of HSS staff (Tara McCray for helping with the numerous work forms..)