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Salomé Noufele

New York, NY
  • Salomé Noufele in the photo 1

I arrived at HSS on 10/25/2021 after having suffered a head injury, suspected to be a concussion, at a soccer game. Dr. Teena Shetty confirmed that it was indeed a concussion, and put me on a strict 7-day regimen: in order for my brain to rest, I was not allowed to go to school, be on any screens, read, write, have any auditory stimulation (including music and podcasts), take the subway or participate in any activity that would require extensive thinking. It was difficult, but I followed the rules to T: I knew that if Dr. Shetty had emphasized the importance of not cutting corners, it was for a reason. I engaged in one session each of physical therapy and athletic training, and after only a week and a half since seeing Dr. Shetty for the first time, I was already feeling better. My headaches were becoming more infrequent and my sensitivity to light and noise were decreasing. By the two-and-a-half-week mark since my first visit, all my symptoms were gone! It was thanks to the deliberate care of Dr. Shetty and her team that I was able to heal so quickly. I am incredibly grateful to everyone at HSS for supporting me throughout my recovery process and allowing me to get back to what I love doing, playing sports. Thank you so much!