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Sadie Hollifield

Highland, NY

Sadie had been having pain in her left knee, along with swelling, popping, catching, and limping during the start of lacrosse season. We took her to a doctor near us who diagnosed her incorrectly with Plica. It didn't feel like that could be it, so after researching more so we took her for a second opinion. This pediatric doctor diagnosed her correctly with Discoid Meniscus and said she would need surgery. This was a shock to us and we immediately started researching the best doctor to take her to. Many people referred us to HSS.

We then started researching the doctors there and Dr. Fabricant seemed like a perfect match. This, he was indeed. Sadie had her surgery on April 14th. We were scared, anxious, and nervous ... our 6-year-old needed surgery. Dr. Fabricant walked us through each step, explaining everything with clarity and detail. He was so positive with Sadie, and he is one her favorite people. She even added him to her "thankful book" for a project in second grade this fall. Sadie started physical therapy two weeks after surgery and was so determined to get back to her sports. Sadie loves sports. She always has been athletic and we were nervous this condition and surgery would impact her ability to enjoy and participate in sports.

Three months after surgery, Sadie was back to riding her bike, riding her scooter, swimming, dancing with friends, playing on playgrounds, and was getting back into the game of her active life. Four months after surgery, Sadie was officially back out on the field playing on a travel soccer team. She is so happy enjoying soccer and she doesn't have any limitations. She is 100 percent herself. We are so proud of her and so very thankful to Dr. Fabricant at HSS.