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Sabina Stampanoni

New York, NY
  • Sabina Stampanoni in the photo 1

In September 2019, I simply fell down 4 steps and little did I know that I shattered the metatarsal bones of my foot due to a torsion fracture. I was told it was a very bad injury, that I will never wear heels again, that it will take a very long time to heal and that I will hopefully be able to do some sports again but never be at the same level as before. When you tell this to a very sporty person that wears heels every day to go to work, you can imagine the news came as a shock.

Of course, I wanted the best of the best to for my foot surgery and I could not have made a better choice than Dr. Behrens and Meghan Newcomer at HSS!

While it has been a long journey (2 surgeries, 3.5 months of not walking, 15 pieces of metal that went in (surgery 1) and came out (surgery 2)), a knee bike, crutches and a lot of patience) to get my foot repaired, I am thrilled to see how well my recovery is going!!

I am on track to start jogging again just before my “1-year accident” anniversary and, while the jury is still out, I am very hopeful that I will be able to wear heels again at some point (even if just for one evening :-))

Dr. Behrens and his colleague Meghan Newcomer have been not only incredibly skilled surgeons but have also proved to be very supportive and encouraging doctors along the journey, always managing expectations but also encouraging me to dream and not give up. Their smile, caring conversations and positive energy will never be forgotten.

These two extraordinary individuals truly make a difference in the life of their patients and I am very grateful for all they have done for me. Thank you.

P.S. The picture was taken at a recent beach vacation and I covered my scars with healing stones :-)