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Ryann Quigley

Northport, NY
  • Ryann Quigley in the photo 1

I found myself being referred to HSS after many months of diagnostics and PT up and down the east coast. Going to college a few hundred miles away from home left me to find my own doctors and have them do diagnostics on me. I visited about 5 offices and probably double the amount of physicians until someone finally said 'we'll need to operate.' I wasn't comfortable with anyone around my university performing the surgery, and since it's a fairly new procedure I wanted the best. So I looked for someone in the NYC area, where my family is located. I found Dr. Kelly and scheduled an appointment. His whole staff was very friendly and welcoming. There was no long wait times, and between the diagnostics I had done earlier, and a few test from him, we scheduled surgery. The operation went flawlessly and I was home within a few hours. The hospital staff was spectacular, and Nurse Jackie made me one hell of a turkey sandwich.

I did my physical therapy initially with Northport Physical Therapy, and then went back to school and finished with Carolina PT in Winston Salem, NC. They both helped tremendously with my quick rehab. I was back to normal exercise within 6 months and competing again in just a few months more than that.

I'm so grateful for the HSS staff as well as the Northport and Carolina staff. If it wasn't for them, i'd still be in agony.

I might have had too much fun at the grocery store the weeks after surgery (see pic)