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Ryan Bliesath

Long Valley, NJ
  • Ryan Bliesath in the photo 1
  • Ryan Bliesath in the photo 2

I had such terrible pain going down my leg. In the fall of 2017 during my junior year of high school, I had to stop playing soccer and marching with my high school marching band. I had trouble sitting and sleeping. Even though the disc herniation was visible on my MRI, the local doctors were concerned I had a severe scoliosis and might have muscular dystrophy.

I saw Dr. Blanco, and he said I didn’t have a severe scoliosis but had a herniated disc. Dr. Cammisa understood how important it was for me to get rid of the pain and get back to my activities! Just before Christmas, I had a microdiscectomy. I was back to school after New Year’s and ran track that spring. My senior year, I participated in marching band, played basketball and ran track. In college, I am a proud member of the marching band! None of this would have been possible without Dr. Blanco and Dr. Cammisa!