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Ruth Bollo

Cedar Grove, NJ
  • Ruth Bollo in the photo 1

I have been a patient of Dr. Linda Russell's for over 12 years. She is an excellent doctor and a kind caring person. I have done very well managing my many health issues because of her. I recently saw her for severe muscle spasms I was having in my neck and shoulder. I also have MS. We tried a few different treatments that provided minimal relief. The spasms began to get worse. She reached out to a colleague of hers, Dr. Jordan Metzl. She explained my complicated medical history, but nonetheless agreed to see me. I felt comfortable right away. He and his assistant Megan were wonderful. He took the time to listen as I explained the problem that was really interfering with my life: my ability to sleep and enjoy myself. Having MS, an autoimmune disease, I am used to living with pain, but this pain was off the charts. He tried a treatment that provided minimal relief. It was short lasting, but Dr Metzl and Meghan did not give up. They worked with me again and came up with a second treatment plan. This worked beautifully!! I have been able to return to many of my favorite activities pain-free. I am able to sleep at night. I am able to exercise again, walk my dogs and look up at the stars. These may seem like small things to something, but they are huge to me ! I have managed MS successfully for over 10 years. I never gave up. I am a fighter. Having doctors like Dr. Russell and Dr. Metzl in my corner to help me with my battle makes all the difference. I am eternally grateful to them for getting me back in my game and I hope the kindness they showed me comes back to them threefold.