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Rozlinda Crawford

Brooklyn, NY
  • Rozlinda Crawford in the photo 1

I first injured my knee when I was 4 1/2 months pregnant with my daughter, who's now 11 years old. I was told I had a torn meniscus and surgery was done about a 1 year after I gave birth. My knee pain continued even after physical therapy and many injections to replace the cartilage.

Fast forward to August 2020, when I visited my old orthopedic surgeon at a local I wouldn't mention. I was referred to another surgeon in the same office and their bedside manner was horrendous. I was made to feel very self-conscious about my weight. I was told to follow up in 3 weeks and try to lose some weight before my next appointment without even being offered a referral to weight management.

It was then suggested to get a 2nd opinion from HSS, which I did. When I finally called, I was given an appointment within a week with Dr. Elizabeth Gausden. From the time I walked into the East River building I felt comfortable, welcomed and knew this was the hospital that would help. Dr. Gausden's energy was and has ALWAYS been amazing. Her bedside manner is IMMMACULATE. We discussed what I have tried in the past and what sold me was when she said, "So this is what WE'RE going to do. It's no longer you or me, it's us and we. We're a team now, so let's see what we can do to get you walking again." We discussed the pros and cons of a knee replacement surgery, set a weight loss goal and she referred me to Dr. Caroline Andrew who's also AMAZING!

My left knee replacement surgery was FINALLY completed on 12/13/2021 at the main hospital and after 4 months of physical therapy my knee is doing GREAT. I have since returned to work. I can't thank Dr. Gausden and my physical therapist Asma enough! They're so amazing. I was scared at first to have my knee replaced but now I can't wait to replace my right knee and really get moving again. Thank you all so much.