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Roy Goldberg

Stamford, CT
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I feel that HSS has a pitch perfect way of treating patients. From the moment I walked in on the day of my surgery until the time I was released, I had the best care by your team of dedicated nurses and staff who took care of me as if I was their only patient. I am a physical therapist for 45 years, a graduate of Columbia University, and have worked with numerous upper extremity orthopedic surgeons, yet Dr. Lawrence Gulotta was my choice!

I am a professional martial artist, rock climber, and equestrian. Prior to my first surgery, these activities were dramatically curtailed. I was unable to move my shoulders and it affected my being at the top of my game. As per my climbing, it was put on hold due to the pain.

After my second shoulder replacement, which was on December 23, 2016, I have been recuperating at a very fast pace and am ready to tackle my normal activities at a higher level following my full recovery at the end of March.