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Roxann Peniche

Old Bridge Township, NJ
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The universe conspired to my meeting of Dr. Dines when I needed him the most. We hit it off instantly and our doctor-patient relationship began. I came to him having previously had rotator cuff surgery 9 years prior, but this time around I knew it was worse. He knew my background working with athletes (I’m a massage therapist) and thankfully we spoke the same language when it came to my options for treating my shoulder. The one thing that stood out for me was that he was giving ME the option as to which route to choose. Other doctors typically don’t and want to rush to get you on the table to operate. Unfortunately for me, it became my only choice. I had surgery 2 weeks before the COVID pandemic shut down NYC. I basically went home with a brand new shoulder. I spent 6 weeks in a sling & had to delay physical therapy, but I did some light movements at home. I finally started PT in person in early June and by the end of August, I was cleared 100% to go back to work.

Dr. Dines and his team are absolutely the best. It’s probably the first time I felt like I was more than a patient, but more like I was part of a family. I owe my life and my career to you, Josh. I am so grateful to have met you!