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New York, NY

Several years ago I was diagnosed with a meniscus tear in my knee. I have a high-powered demanding job and decided not to do anything about my knee on the advice of a doctor. My knee kept getting worse until it was time to see another doctor. I tried various treatments, all of them failing miserably. My rheumatologist at HSS told me based on my x-rays I needed knee surgery. Because of my hectic work schedule I opted to wait a few months, until suddenly my other knee started hurting with a vengeance. This time there was no waiting. I had no quality of life and lived with unbearable pain. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer and made an appointment to see Dr. Michael Cross at HSS. Upon meeting Dr. Cross, I observed a friendly, compassionate and caring man. Both knees needed total replacement and we discussed which knee should be replaced first. With the help of Dr. Cross’ incredibly and caring staff, my surgery was scheduled. I was terrified of having surgery. Everyone warned me how terrible the surgery was but I didn’t have a choice. The surgery was no picnic but honestly, it wasn’t terrible either. Two weeks after my surgery I was walking without a cane, and more importantly, no pain. There are no words to thank Dr. Cross. He gave me my life back and I will be forever grateful. I will soon be replacing my other knee and look forward to returning to all the activities I was unable to do for years. My advice to anyone who is putting off total knee replacement due to fear, no need to be afraid. Dr. Cross will give you your life back!