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Rosita Chan-Vicelich

Brooklyn, NY
  • Rosita Chan-Vicelich in the photo 1
  • Rosita Chan-Vicelich in the photo 2

Two years ago, after injuring my shoulder during a boot camp class, every time I tried to raise my arm up, it hurt. I was diagnosed by the first orthopedist I saw that I had a "frozen shoulder." That with time and cortisone injections, it would cure itself. I couldn't even dress myself without help. I was in pain all the time. I ran my first 10K charity run with pain patches on my shoulder and couldn't even raise my arm at the finish line! Finally, a friend referred me to Dr. Answorth Allen who had operated on her daughter. Dr. Allen operated on my shoulder in November, 2014. Today, I have no shoulder pain and ran five half marathons and my very first marathon just 2 weeks ago....the TCS NYC Marathon. I finished strong raising both arms high in triumphant victory without pain. I am very grateful to Dr. Allen and HSS for helping me get back in the game! I'm now looking forward to my next NYC Marathon!