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Rosemary Calandra

Jersey City, NJ
  • Rosemary Calandra in the photo 1

In 2016, I had lumbar fusion surgery in another hospital in NJ, which was considered a premier hospital. I was in excruciating pain for 11 months. Almost a year of my life had been taken away from me. The pain was getting worse as the months went by. Long story short, I had to get a second opinion because I was told that it would take 12-18 months to heal. I understood the healing part but I kept telling the doctor from the other hospital that the pain should be getting better, not worse. Thank God I went to HSS and saw Dr. Darren Lebl. Dr. Lebl reviewed my MRI's and found a number of issues. After speaking with Dr. Lebl, he gave me hope and suggested corrective surgery. He had to remove hardware, replace it and perform an additional surgery to correct L5-S1 level. Almost 7 weeks later I feel so much better and that excruciating pain is gone. I look forward to the active life I had. Dr. Lebl has done so much for me mentally & physically because I thought I would never walk again. HSS, Dr. Lebl and his staff were very understanding, kind and informative. It is the beginning of the New Year "2018" and I know at 70 years old he gave me my life back. He gave me the best gift anyone could ever receive. Thank you so much for your patience and being the best surgeon who saved my life! I will never forget what you did for me.