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Roseanne Calcagnini

Flushing, NY
  • Roseanne Calcagnini in the photo 1

About twenty years ago, I slipped on ice and thought I pulled a groin muscle. I went ahead and accompanied my family to my son’s hockey tournament. I could barely walk from the pain of the accident. My condition slowly improved, but repeatedly I would reinjure what I thought was my groin muscle. From that time on, it always seemed that the pain was with me to some degree and I became an expert in predicting the weather. Although I continued to favor my leg, I kept telling myself it would get better. Ah, and then I began to limp. The limping became so bad that it was just a matter of time that I might fall. Finally, last year, after trying physical therapy to no avail, I was convinced that I needed to see a hip surgeon. My husband and son were both patients of Dr. Russell Warren who repaired their shoulders. At his recommendation, I was prepared to consult with Dr. Peter Sculco.

Per the HSS protocol, I consulted with Dr. Ellen Casey, physiatrist. After reviewing my x-rays, it was very clear that my right hip had become extremely arthritic as a result of a labrum tear - not a pulled groin muscle that occurred over twenty years ago. Dr. Casey was very confident that a hip replacement would put me back in the game. She reassured me that I would be most happy and would be walking effortlessly. Wow, how right she was! Thank you, Dr. Casey!

After meeting with Dr. Peter Sculco, and his PA, Joy, I was very excited but still apprehensive about getting a total hip replacement. I had a whole list of questions and concerns that they professionally and confidently answered. All procedures along with timelines were explained. The HSS prep class enabled me to both physically and emotionally prepare for the surgery. Excellent communication abounded.

Dr. Sculco performed my surgery on a Friday afternoon. Within a few hours, while still in recovery, I was up and walking with a walker without any pain! Once transferred to my room, I had physical therapy, rested overnight, and had more therapy in the morning. I graduated to a cane and proved that I could walk up and down stairs so that I could enter my home. Then much to my delight, I was discharged Saturday morning - less than 24 hours after admission! UNBELIEVABLE! It felt miraculous to me! I could walk with NO PAIN, and I was back home within 24 hours! God bless Dr. Sculco and his HSS team - especially Joy, his PA. He is an extremely kind, compassionate, and dedicated world-class surgeon. He was always attentive, patient, calming, reassuring, and most importantly POSITIVE!

Compared to the dozen of other hip replacement patients with whom I’ve discussed the procedure, I feel very fortunate. My recovery was effortless and rapid. I followed Dr. Sculco’s advice to just keep walking, and good advice that was. The physical therapist came to my home only 5 times. I learned everything I could and continued the exercises prescribed for the next 6 weeks. No more limping! No further PT was necessary. I was BACK IN THE GAME WITHOUT ANY PAIN!

Thank you so much for giving me my freedom back, Dr. Sculco! I recently went to Bermuda with my daughter. We walked for miles, rode on buses, took ferries and went on a 90-minute walking tour that actually lasted 3 hours. We even boarded and deplaned via a stairway on the tarmac. That would have been torture one year earlier.

Thank you HSS for getting me Back in the Game!