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Roseann Fauci

Astoria, NY
  • Roseann Fauci in the photo 1

How do you even begin to thank people who gave you the ability to walk normally again?

I will start by telling you that when I first came to HSS I was limping and bent over when walking with each step more painful then the next.

I did my research on HSS and was extremely impressed with Dr. Brian Chalmers' profile and what his patients said about him so I scheduled an appointment. As it turned out after x-rays and an exam, the diagnosis was severe osteoarthritis of my right hip. PA Dustin Quig and Dr. Chalmers explained to me that I needed a total hip replacement. They were both extremely professional, compassionate and made sure I understood everything.

On April 12,2023 I had my surgery at HSS. Since it was in the afternoon I had my first physical therapy that evening and was able to walk with a walker. I did not need any medication at all! I had exceptional nurses who, aside from giving me medication, would come in to talk with me to see how I was feeling and if I needed anything. They were so kind and helpful. The way the staff in a hospital treats you is also part of the healing process and I was lucky to have people like that.

The next morning I had more physical therapy and was cleared for discharge home. Two days after being home I walked without the aid of a cane or walker and no more limp!

I credit Dr. Chalmers' surgical expertise for this amazing outcome. I knew after my first appointment with him that he was somebody who is not only a brilliant surgeon but one who genuinely cares about his patients. Anyone on his team, including the office staff, Tiara and Erin, treat you with courtesy and kindness.

Today, May 23, 2023, I went for my post-op appointment and all has progressed amazingly! I would highly recommend Dr. Brian Chalmers and his team who I will always be thankful and grateful to!

June 7, 2023:

Prior to receiving a right total hip replacement at HSS my orthopedic surgeon and I discussed pre-surgical physical therapy. I was constantly in severe pain, limping and needed to strengthen my hip area to prepare for surgery.

I called the physical therapy department and they set up appointments with Kimberly Baptiste. My surgery was scheduled for April 12, 2023 and I started my physical therapy with Kim in the middle of February. The best thing I could have done!

Kim is not only an amazing PT but a kind, very patient and compassionate person. She is an extremely detailed oriented person and the exercises she did with me I could take home and now I can share that knowledge with others. With her guidance and expertise I was well prepared physically for my THR! What an amazing professional and caring therapist! She had set up a home exercise program for me to follow in my HSS portal.

Post-surgical I was lucky enough to have Kim as my PT again! She, again, worked diligently with me and added exercises to my home exercise program.

Yesterday, June 7, 2023 was my last PT appointment with Kim. I am so grateful to her for all the time and effort she put in in preparing me for surgery and after.

I am so thankful and grateful to her for everything!