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Rose Twumasi

Queens, NY
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After 5 unsuccessful knee replacements, I was introduced to Dr. Peter Sculco at the age of 82 for a complex knee revision. Before the surgery I was wheelchair bound, couldn't move on my own, and was in excruciating, chronic pain. I had 3 unsuccessful knee replacements and revisions, so my prospects were not looking positive.

Dr. Sculco and his team assured me that they could try and get me back on my feet (literally). My first surgery was in October 2020. Despite the pandemic, HSS made it possible for me to have a safe and healthy procedure. Everything went smoothly during my surgery. I then had an accident later and Dr. Sculco was able to take care of me again with grace and compassion. Having a doctor who cares for you like that is an invaluable thing. I am so grateful to Dr. Sculco and his team. I couldn't ask for a more amazing doctor who shows you such compassion.

In July 2021 Dr. Sculco performed a complex reconstruction on my other knee. This surgery was extremely complicated, but Dr. Sculco was able to do the impossible. Physical therapy hasn't been easy, but Wai and the team have made my journey much smoother.

My dream was to be able to attend my granddaughter's graduation at Harvard in the spring of 2022. Thanks to Dr. Sculco I will be able to stand by her as she celebrates her achievement (with my walker of course!). I am forever grateful to Dr. Sculco and HSS. Thank you for caring for me and making sure that I was treated with the utmost care and respect.