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Rose Trionfo

East Meadow, NY
  • Rose Trionfo in the photo 1

I had been suffering with debilitating pain, emanating from my lower back (L5/S1) and continuing down through the back of both my legs to my ankles. It turns out that I had severe spinal stenosis complicated by various other issues in that area. After suffering for about a year, I was becoming despondent and feeling hopeless. After attempting many other avenues of pain relief, I finally opted for surgery.

Dr. Charles Goodwin was recommended to me by a number of people and I'm so glad he was. As soon as I met him, I just knew that he'd be the one to help me. He kindly and patiently explained to me all that was going on in my spine and what his plan was to fix it. I felt my spirits soar immediately.

The surgery is now over and I am "on the mend". It was a huge success, thanks to Dr. Goodwin. There are no words to adequately express how I feel about him and how he's given me my life back, but I truly feel that he is my lifesaver. He has my highest recommendation, especially for those feeling desperate for relief. Dr. Goodwin is a professional of the highest order.

I almost must commend Shira and John, both on his staff. They were both so very kind, patient and understanding of what I was going through. And, both worked hard to accommodate my needs. Kudos to them both.

My experience with HSS was terrific. The nurses, the staff, the food, the cleanliness and my room all were amazing.