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Ronald Zibelli

Bernardsville, NJ
  • Ronald Zibelli in the photo 1

I recently returned from my one year surgical follow up visit to Dr. Seth Jerabek at HSS. What a difference a year makes! Last summer Dr. Jerabek diagnosed the cause of my daily pain in my left knee as degenerative joint disease. This had resulted in a bone on bone condition that was increasingly painful and causing me to reduce my normal activities. At 55 years of age I was determined to find a solution and learned about partial knee replacement (Makoplasty). Following the surgery I was able to return home from HSS the next day and was back at work three weeks later. Post surgical pain was minor and I completed the daily exercise and about a month of physical therapy. When I think back on the whole experience, I am very grateful to have found Dr. Jerabek and HSS. From my first visit to the one year follow up, they were all I could ask for. I have zero pain in my knee and am fully active again. Many thanks to Dr. Jerabek, his staff and HSS!