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Ronald Lukoff

Oyster Bay, NY

I have been suffering with bone on bone in my left ankle for the last 10 years. It stems from a broken ankle suffered 58 years ago. I am 66 and the pain became so unbearable that I considered having the ankle fused as I was not a candidate for a ankle replacement as my ankle had become to deformed to line up straight. I was opposed to fusing the ankle, but felt as though I had no other choice. I must have seen 25 of the top doctors in NY at all the major hospitals. I got very lucky when I got the name of Dr. S Robert Rozbruch, who did an ankle distraction. I was in a fixator for 3 months (not pleasant, but certainly manageable) and when it was removed, the bone on bone was gone and cartilage had regenerated. My pain was gone and I was able to do normal activities again. Now, one year later, I am playing golf and some tennis, and pain is a distant memory. Thank you Dr. Rozbruch.