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Ronald Eskay

Neptune, NJ
  • Ronald Eskay in the photo 1

On April 19th, 2021 I had total knee replacement surgery on my right knee at HSS by Dr. Gregory DiFelice. I initially had my left knee total replaced by Dr. DiFelice on October 25th, 2019 and wanted to wait until my knee was healed and that I was back to all my favorite sports and activities to write this letter. I had just completed the ski season of 2021-2022 and I felt great skiing down the mountain as I did 20 or so years ago prior to having difficulty with my knees. I was employed as a union carpenter and enjoy skiing, bicycle riding, kayaking, hiking in the mountains and due to all these activities my knees deteriorated over the years and it became very painful to actively participate in these activities and enjoy them extensively. I mentioned kayaking since my kayak weighs approximately 75 lbs. and it became very difficult for me to carry into the water. After both knee replacements I feel like myself again and there is no pain or problems with my daily activities. I am able to walk a greater distance without experiencing pain in my knees.

I first had a lot of difficulty in making a final decision on having my initial knee replacement because I heard many horrific stories from many people who had this surgery and they were still in pain and worse than before. These people did not have their surgery at HSS and although I was hesitant and nervous about the surgery I did hear good things about HSS and that most people resumed their favorite activities without difficulty after the surgery. I searched for a doctor that would be best for me since I tend to be a very active person. I found this to be Dr. Gregory DiFelice since he specialized in sports traumatology and joint reconstruction. I also found him to be personable and positive regarding my issues. His team of doctors are also very helpful and I was able to contact either Dr. DiFelice or his team of doctors at any moment after my surgery while I was home and they responded very quickly to ease my concerns. I felt that all the doctors and nurses at HSS took great care of their patients. It feels wonderful to be like myself again and do all the things I truly enjoy without pain and/or stopping sooner than I would like to due to the pain. I want to express my gratitude to all the staff at HSS since this was a positive experience for me on both surgeries that I received there.