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Roger Schaffland

New York, NY
  • Roger Schaffland in the photo 1

I had double knee replacement done in December 2019 by Dr. Rodriguez and it was an unqualified success. The HSS facility and staff were amazingly efficient about getting me admitted and ran through the education and pre-checks, but the surgery itself was nothing short of miraculous. I was barely walking when I came to see Dr. Rodriguez with both knees suffering from bone-on-bone contact, loss of meniscus, etc. from a lifetime of working out, tennis and gradual weight gain. I was out of the hospital in 3 days (doing short walks and stairs with some pain), but I kid you not, within 10 days of the surgery, I was walking without cane or walker and within a month, I was up and down stairs, traveling and walking with very little pain. It's now 6 months, and I ride a bike, workout and climb stairs with no difficulty. From day 1 I didn't even have any bruising which I find so hard to believe. He also used dissolving sutures, which were much better than the staples I have seen with other patients having this procedure. This surgery was absolutely an incredible experience and I recommend Dr. Rodriguez and his staff wholeheartedly.