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Robin Seibert

New York, NY
  • Robin Seibert in the photo 1

Dr. Goolsby and her entire staff were fantastic. From my first phone call with Marisol, I felt like I was in the right place. Marisol was warm and, unlike other doctor's offices, her first question didn't have to do with insurance. Instead, she asked what and where was the pain or discomfort I was calling about. I was given an appointment quickly and when I called back with a host of questions, she was never dismissive or made me feel stupid.

Then upon meeting Dr. Goolsby, I knew I was in good hands. Though my complaints were minor in comparison to other patients (tingling and numbness in my quad and some constriction in the groin area), she knew I was concerned that, at my age, it would be my hip giving me problems. She had me look at the x-ray with her, and reassured me that my hip was fine. Not wanting to waste my time with further x-rays, she examined my leg both on the table and standing. When I asked about my exercise routine, she was well acquainted with yoga and Pilates, advised on what and what not to do, gave my physical therapist a complete list of how to help me and explained what I had been overdoing in my work outs. Of all my years visiting various doctor's offices, this one truly stands out. It's a rarity now to feel taken care of, to be treated as a human being, and not an intrusion into the busy days of these medical practices. I wish all doctors had the smarts to run their business like this.