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Robin Gordon

Harrison, NY
  • Robin Gordon in the photo 1

Imagine not being able to walk without pain for years, being an athlete and not being able to participate in one’s favorite activities, feeling pain so badly that one has to actually crawl on the floor after getting out of bed each morning, sitting down in public places (sometimes even on store floors), just to take a break from the unbearable hurt. Picture going to doctor after doctor to explore what is occurring, hoping for help and being told that surgery is the only option, an operation that is often minimally successful if at all.

Then, finally, envision discovering the one doctor who had the knowledge, patience and the wherewithal to take on this extraordinary case and remain steadfast in his conviction that all will ultimately heal without having to operate. I met with Dr. Rock Positano November, 2013, feeling disillusioned by so many previous failed attempts to make my left foot better. I had no choice but to keep trying.

With thorough testing, after years of the unknown, Dr. Rock diagnosed that my left heel had plantar fasciitis, a heal spur and a tear in my ligament. Aggressive treatment began immediately with three visits per week. When my foot continued to feel pain, Dr. Rock insisted that I remain patient and even had the confidence to promise me that it would ultimately heal. I was struck by his assurance and serious concern for me to get this properly treated.

Even still, with all his treatments, my foot continued to feel tremendous pain. I remained discouraged, regularly jealous of people simply walking and so sad that it may never heal. Often, I lost faith because it just seemed impossible to feel better. Yet, I continued to visit with Dr. Rock. His kindness and warmth was so comforting throughout my numerous emotional struggles. I witnessed his passion in his work and he asked me to have patience and hang in just as he was doing. Although sometimes challenging, I followed all his home instructions. The hardest of all was that I was told to change my shoes and walk around everywhere in a hideous boot (not easy for my fashionable tastes).

Fast-forward two years. By 2015, it was as if a miracle was happening. I no longer needed to crawl, to take breaks walking and increased my exercise regimen. The boot was stored away into my closet and while I learned not to wear my highest heeled shoes, I was finally able to become fashionable once again.

It is now 2017 and there are days when I actually forget which foot struggled with horrific pain for so many years. I feel as good as new! I continue to visit with Dr. Rock for maintenance and will continue to do so because I NEVER want to return to that awful place, that once seemed like my normal, again. I know that Dr. Rock is determined not to go back there as well. He is my “rock” and we remain a team.