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Roberto Salama

New York, NY
  • Roberto Salama in the photo 1
  • Roberto Salama in the photo 2

At 61, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right knee initially dashing any hopes that I would be able to ski or run again. Fortunately, my first doctor's orders were to seek physical therapy to ameliorate my knee pain which at the time had made it hard to sit and stand as well as walk longer distances. I already felt that my limp was starting to affect other parts like my other knee and my hips. So I landed at HSS and was fortunate enough to start working with Nicola Banger, who diligently got me on a strength and stretch program. Different kinds of squats, lunges, calf raises, band walks as well quad stretches and hamstring stretches made a quick and measurable difference. Within a week of starting the program, my pain went down from a 6-7 to a 1-2. When I asked about skiing again, Nicola, without blinking, said that at the rate I was going it was entirely possible and got me started on exercises to build up strength and endurance for skiing. To cut the story short, I was back on skis in Park City about 6 weeks after I started PT. I was able to ski 6 days straight. Well, in hindsight, I overdid it a bit, but the program that Nicola set up for me ensured that I had the strength and endurance to ski again, first time in 4 years.

This program is amazing. The care and dedication of the staff is unparalleled. I am extremely happy how they took care of me, gently pushing me to new levels. Next goal: running again. Looking forward to that.