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Robert Ziemba

Glen Gardner, NJ
  • Robert Ziemba in the photo 1

I finally had reached a point where the pain in my hip was just too much. I was losing sleep because the pain was waking me up several times a night. I was often limping as I walked. nd, while I was still able to referee soccer games and run, I spent hours afterwards dealing with the pain that would inevitably come once I came off the field or finished a run.

I did my research and decided that a hip resurfacing was likely the best option and that Dr. Boettner at HSS had a great deal of experience with hip resurfacing. When I met with Dr. Boettner I was struck with his interest in making sure that all my concerns were addressed and that I had all of the information necessary to make an informed decision. He provided me with other options to try prior to going with surgery.

I ultimately decided to go with a hip resurfacing and the surgery was a total success. My recovery was as quick as could be expected.

Today, I remain pain-free. I regularly spend full weekends refereeing soccer games and am typically running up to 15 miles a day!