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Robert Worsley

Stamford, CT
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I have had both knee and hip replacements 8 months apart (left hip, right knee), both done at HSS by Dr. David Mayman.

I’ve been doing martial arts for almost 40 years and two years ago I had to stop training because my knee, which had been missing some of the meniscus for the past 12 years, was hurting too much to continue – bone on bone. Both knees are arthritic though my left still functions without pain. Six months after the knee replacement I went back to training but a month later my left hip began complaining loudly because it was just worn out, again bone on bone. Three months after having the hip replaced at HSS I went back to training and have been doing so ever since. I used to train in Tae Kwon Do but my days of jumping and flying kicks are long over so I began studying Krav Maga a few years ago and have found that my hip gives me absolutely no trouble, the knee at 1 year is doing almost as well though kicking with a replacement knee takes a little getting used to. I train 3 times a week with students aged from 15 and up and am able to hold my own at age 74. When I first went back to training I found it difficult to move around like I used to but over the past several months my flexibility and strength have been gradually improving which points out the benefits of staying active as a senior citizen.

I can’t recommend HSS and Dr. Mayman highly enough for giving me back the ability to continue doing what I love to do and at my age this is very important to me, providing me with strength and cardio exercise, and knowledge, all at the same time.