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Robert Shakotko

Hudson, NY

After tolerating osteoarthritis in my left knee for several years, I realized in 2018 that PT and injections just weren’t doing the trick any more. Henry, a young Aussie Shepherd, had joined our household, and Henry loved doing dog agility. The problem with dog agility is that it requires both an agile dog and an agile handler, and as his handler, I just wasn’t up to his level of performance any longer.

So I went back to Dr. Allan Inglis, with whom I had had a THR in 2014. He did a partial knee replacement in February 2019. I was walking with a cane for the first week after the procedure, and was cane-free after that. And I was back in the agility ring after a month. The attached video is at T+38 days after surgery, and is a warm-up for a competition in April 2019. Thank you, Dr. Inglis, from both Henry and me. We’re back in the ring!