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Robert Schechner

Delray Beach, FL
  • Robert Schechner in the photo 1
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If The World Only Operated Like The Hospital For Special Surgery the world would be a better place!

I tore my meniscus playing the Men's 55's Eastern Grass Courts tennis at the West Side Tennis Club in September of 2012. I'd like to say I tore it while diving for a shot but I believe it actually happened in the locker room tripping on some one else's tennis bag!

I limped around for a few months hoping it would get better when a tennis friend mentioned to me he limped around for about 5-years before he went for successful arthroscopy at HSS. Instead of going to HSS, I took the easy way out and went to a well known orthopedist in Staten Island closer to my home. I waited several hours past my appointment time and finally got a script for an MRI confirming the tear. The following week investing hours in a waiting room before finally being seen by that Orthopedist. I felt like a fish in a sardine can.

Dr. Riley Williams was recommended to me and after researching his credentials I found out he accepted my insurance. I was checked in promptly for my morning consultation appointment and met with my own personal assistant. I was then taken for an X-ray followed up immediately with a prompt consultation with Dr. Williams. He immediately accessed my tear and I felt he understood my needs as a mature semi-athlete tennis player. My operation a few days later went smoothly and my only issue revolved around paying out-of-pocket expenses for a cane I was persuaded I needed for walking out of the hospital - (I never used it)!

After a week or two of rest I started a few sessions of P.T. and was running slowly within 6-weeks and back on the tennis court in 10-weeks pain free! I would have to think carefully to remember which knee I was operated on. I'm embarrassed to say I even skipped my post-op appointment with Dr. Williams since I didn't feel I needed it. Everyone was professional, on time and incredibly competent from my surgeon to the complete staff at HSS.

If the world only operated like the Hospital For Special Surgery the world would be a better place. Now if I could only get a shoulder consultation that might help me hit a faster tennis serve! Thank you HSS - Bob