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Robert Salzman

New York, NY
  • Robert Salzman in the photo 1

In July 2017, when I was 64, Dr. David Mayman performed a total replacement of my left knee. In January 2020 at 68-years-old, Dr. Mayman did my right knee replacement. Both operations were completely successful, and I'm doing great. The stages of my recovery were as projected by Dr. Mayman.

Throughout this experience, including the process of making the decision to have the surgery done, Dr. Mayman and his team were confidence inspiring, patient, accessible and always a personal pleasure. In both surgeries, anesthesiologist Richard Kahn was terrific, kind and attentive.

A big part of my calculation in making the decisions to have my knees replaced was that stuff happens as we age that can make major surgery more complicated so I decided not to wait to do something that can make life significantly better now. I made the right decision both times.

I want to express my deep appreciation to Dr. Mayman and his team at HSS.

This photo of me is from a wonderful four-days at rowing camp in Vermont - July 2021.